Parade Application


Parade Rules & Regulations:


  • Entrants of the 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Parade must complete the registration process. The application will be made available late this year. The deadline to enter is March 3, 2018.
  • All entries are subject to the approval of the Irish Cultural Society of Arkansas (ICSA) Parade Committee. No unapproved entry will be admitted into the Parade.
  • Parade entrants wishing to perform dance, music, or drills must be preapproved. Performances are limited to 1 minute at the Reviewing Stand. Entrants are prohibited from performing on the Reviewing Stand.
  • Parade entrants are responsible for providing their own music and sound system. The ICSA and/or the Parade Committee are not responsible for providing music or equipment.
  • All vehicles and drivers must be fully covered by third party liability insurance as required by Arkansas law, and will be required to observe all relevant road traffic and other laws which may apply to a parade on the public highway.
  • Political promotion of any kind is prohibited. The ICSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and does not endorse any political candidate, party, or political issue. Therefore, promotion of candidates and political issues are prohibited. Any sitting politician is welcome to participate in the Parade in the capacity of the office he or she currently holds. Parade entrants may display their company names and greetings only. Parade entries or signs stating “Vote for …,” “Elect …,” “Shop at …,” “We support …” or similar wording are prohibited and entries displaying such will be removed from the Parade by ICSA Parade officials.
  • The ICSA reserves the right to deny participation of any entry that it considers inappropriate, done in poor taste, not in the best interest of the community, or violates these Rules and Regulations.
  • The ICSA reserves the right to deny participation in future Parades by participants ignoring and or violating these Rules and Regulations.
  • Upon approval, entrants will be provided with a staging number, map and additional information via email.

Day of the Parade

  • Please remember your staging number.
  • Participants must be checked-in, decorated and in position by 12:00 PM. All participants who arrive late will lose their position in the Parade.
  • The Parade will start precisely at 1:00 PM regardless of weather.
  • Clean the area around your entry prior to the start of the Parade. We are guests of the neighborhood so please leave it as you found it.
  • The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited during the Parade and in the staging area.
  • Parents or an approved guardian must ride with children – safety is our #1 priority!
  • All floats and vehicles entered in the Parade shall be decorated in the colors of the day.
  • Parade participants shall exhibit behavior fitting for a family-oriented community event in which children of all age groups participate and observe.
  • Offensive language, signage, slogans or clothing are prohibited.
  • Irish music may be played along the Parade route.
  • Explicit lyrics or suggestive actions are prohibited.
  • All entries that include music or sound amplifying systems shall maintain a volume level that will not interfere with other entries, especially those with animals.
  • To avoid the risk of possible injury, the throwing of candy or any other item from a vehicle is prohibited. Any items you wish to distribute to the crowd MUST be handed out from someone walking alongside your entry. We do not want any children running into the streets in front of vehicles. Candy and/or trinkets may not be tossed into the crowd.
  • Animals participating in the Parade must be kept under control. They must be comfortable around crowds, noises, children and bridges. If you cannot control your animal or its presence presents any safety issue, please leave the Parade area with your animal rather than risk a problem. It is the owner’s responsibility to clean up after their animals.
  • All Participants, including those executing dances, music or drills, must continue moving forward at all times once the Parade starts and maintain the pace throughout the entire Parade route. Parade officials stationed along the route are responsible for keeping the pace.
  • All participants are required to comply with the directions of the Parade officials. The ICSA reserves the right to remove any participant(s) not complying with directions from Parade officials or any of the rules and regulations of the Rock to North Little Rock St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Parade Application